ARES Training

ARES training is divided into 3 levels as outlined below and is tracked with an ARES Task Book.

To be a member of Walton County ARES you will need to complete Level 1.

To be deployable in an emergency situation you will need to complete Level 2.

Level 1


  • Obtain Task Book
  • Join an ARES group
  • Obtain Technician class or higher Amateur Radio License

Level 2


  • SKYWARN – Spotter Basic Training (Biennially)
  • Public Service Event Participation
  • Simulated Emergency Test or Exercise Participation (Annually)
  • Serve as Net Control
  • Operate VHF Digital messaging station
  • Operate unit specific Digital VHF or HF station


    • Build a simple dipole antenna
    • Build Powerpole® adapter cable
    • Solder PL259 connector to coax
    • Assemble a 24-hour Deployment Kit

    Level 3



    • SKYWARN Advanced Training Class (Biennially)
    • PR-101 – Public Information Officer Training (EC-015)
    • AUXCOM Course
    • ICS-300 – Incident Command System for Expanding Incidents *
    • ICS -400 – Advanced Incident Command System *
    • EC-001 Course Instructor/Mentor
    • Demonstrate cross band repeat on Mobile Radio (UHF→VHF)

    * In person courses. Click here to search for availability.